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DIY Fireplace Mantel Shelf

As fireplaces are gaining popularity throughout the world, many tend to make DIY fireplace mantel that will accompany their fireplaces. It does not really matter whether you have an electric fireplace, wood burning, gas or even a faux fireplace; a fireplace mantel is something that would add even more style to your home, especially in this winter season. Having a fireplace mantel will make it easier for you to decorate your home as well. Not only will it add a little more color to your home, but it will also give you a perfectly good excuse in order to get all the old decoration out of the boxes as well.

There are many designs online that you can use in order to have your own DIY fireplace mantel shelf. Having a fireplace mantel will make more room for you to keep your souvenirs and family photos that will make you remember all the good times that were spent together. Especially if you are doing it yourself, then you will be able save installation money as well. There are many DIY fireplace mantel designs that you can easily build which you can add to your living room to make things even livelier.

DIY Fireplace Mantel

Building a DIY fireplace surround and mantel does not require a lot of new things that you will need to buy anew. Many things can be used that you can already find in your home, and if there are things that you need to buy; then they are everyday items that can be bought for a relatively cost effective price. If by any chance you can find an old door frame that was used for decoration purposes, then you will be able to use that as a replacement as well.

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