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Looking for the ways of how to decorate your fireplace, you had to come across the ideas of how to recreate a granite fireplace surround. Of course, it’s definitely not the cheapest or easiest project to perform, but if you commit to it and comprise your imagination and effort, the results will amaze you. Your house will look luxurious and smart. You can see it for yourself before you even do it when googling some granite fireplace surround pictures and design ideas, that will convince you to remodel the fireplace even more.

Indeed, such concept will suit perfectly classical or Victorian styles of the interior design, blending into its general idea and becoming its distinctive twist. Your modern house will absolutely rock a granite tile fireplace surround, especially when the granite elements are installed in unique and unusual manner, maybe even resembling a piece of abstract art.

Granite Tile Fireplace Surround

It’s possible to make granite only the surround of the fireplace, or, in addition to that, do the same to the firepit and mantel.  In that case, it’s better to vary the shades of the tiles for different sides and parts of fireplace, combining them harmonically and creating sort of checkered light and shade, but using the smooth granite surface. It will make your fireplace stand out and prevent it from the visual merge with the wall.

So, if you decided to commit to it and remodel the fireplace surround using granite, you have to choose the color of the stone according to the color pattern of the room, measure the length and width of the fireplace and then get one of the granite fireplace surround kits, where pieces of the stone are already cut up  and matched as you need.

All you have to do now is to thoroughly study the instructions, that will tell you how to install granite fireplace surround step by step. They’re not too difficult to follow, so you may either consider it as a DIY project and do the task yourself or hire a professional, who’ll do the job.

Fireplace with Granite Surround

9 Photos of the Granite Fireplace Surround for You

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