Modern Fireplace Surrounds Ideas

Modern Fire Surrounds

There are several types of modern fireplace surrounds to choose from when a homeowner is building a new home from the ground up or is remodeling an existing house in terms of available materials such as cast-iron, limestone, and wood. There are also many options in modern fireplace surround designs available to fit their desired decor. Many homeowners make it a point to choose designs that are inexpensive and easy to clean and maintain. Modern fireplace surrounds can be made from a variety of materials, and synthetic and stone products are among the most popular options. Stones such as marble, limestone, and granite are often used because they offer a unique look. Wood is also commonly used in modern decor and is often highly glossed for a sleek, modern appearance. Another material used is the cast-iron which is known for its durability and modern look.

When it comes to modern fireplace surround ideas, design and style are important factors. Contemporary design usually includes clean, simple lines and no added flourishes and curves found in many traditional styled home fixtures. Color choices that are bold are another feature of modern designs and are often preferred by clients.

Modern Fireplace Surrounds

Care and maintenance are often considered by homeowners when selecting contemporary fireplace surrounds for their home because maintenance of the fireplace surrounds is very important in preserving the beauty of the living room. Wood mantels can be easily cleaned with a polish and a cloth because during installation the wood is sealed and stained thereby making it easy. Cleaning stone materials consists of removing dust and dirt with a clean cloth while Cast iron might be the simplest to clean using a duster or cloth which can be used to remove accumulated dust from the surface of the modern fireplace surround and mantels.

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