Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds and Its Pros and Cons

Fireplace Surround Ideas Modern
Wall Electric Fireplace ContemporaryContemporary Fireplace Surrounds and MantelsWood Fireplace Mantel ShelvesContemporary Fireplace Surrounds

Being unsatisfied with the simple and ordinary look of your fireplace, you start looking up contemporary fireplace surrounds. At this point, you may know exactly what you want to get, whether you are searching for some little decorations, or the ways to remodel the wall your fireplace is located on, or maybe some pieces of furniture you’re going to place by its sides. You may know for sure the colors you’re willing to use, the […]

Contemporary Fireplace Mantels and Its Considerations

Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels
Contemporary Fireplace MantelsContemporary Fireplace Mantels and SurroundsWood Fireplace Mantel ShelvesContemporary Fireplace Mantels Designs

Sometimes we want to change and renew the look of our fireplace, and then we start searching for perfect and contemporary fireplace mantels. They’re easy to attach to your current fireplace and they add an extra elegant and decorative touch to it, turning your good old fellar into a brand-new piece of interior. So, such a framework for a fireplace as mantel is an easy and painless way to remodel your room and make your […]

Fake Fireplace Heater and Its Negative Sides

Fake FireplaceSpace Heater
Fake Stone Fireplace DesignsFake Fireplace HeatersFake Electric FireplaceFake FireplaceSpace Heater

If you’re looking for an additional source of warmth, comfort and calmness for your home, why don’t you consider getting a fake fireplace heater? It will serve you for multiple reasons. First of all, it will keep you warm during unpleasantly cold, gray, maybe humid and dull autumn and winter time, even its look will create a feeling of being protected and covered in warmth when everything around you is so cold and gloomy. Secondly, […]

Fake Fireplace Insert and Its Pros and Cons

DIY Fake Fireplace Insert
DIY Fake Fireplace InsertFake Fire Insert for FireplaceArtificial Fire Insert

If you’ve always wanted to have a fireplace at home, but your house doesn’t have a built-in one or it’s not big enough to fit it, or maybe, you just don’t want to deal with wood and ash, then fake fireplace insert is the best option for you. Now your dreams may come true without carrying out too complicated house remodeling projects. You may go ahead and build the actual fireplace, its firepit, but without […]

Which of the Fake Fireplace Logs is better for you?

Fake Fireplace Logs Electric
Fake Fireplace LogsFake Fire Logs for FireplaceFake Fireplace Logs with LightsFake Electric Fireplace Logs

Choosing fake fireplace logs is a perfect solution if you have a fireplace and if you want to go greener, save natural resources and polluting the Earth’s atmosphere less. I know, that this decision of yours won’t change the world and situation about our environment, but, as someone said, if you want to change the world, then start from yourself. There are quite a lot of advantages of using fake fire logs for fireplace. First […]

Factors to Consider in Fake Fireplace Mantel

Fake Fireplace Mantel
Fake Fireplace Mantel ShelfDIY Fake Fireplace MantelHow to Make a Fake Fireplace MantelFake Fireplace Mantel

If you want to remodel a fireplace in the house, but you don’t have much money to spend on it, then let’s have a look and learn how to create your own fake fireplace mantel. It’s not too difficult, you may use different materials and the most common tools, found in pretty much every household. You’ll enjoy this creative process yourself and, if you have kids, they may help as well. Let’s consider our options. […]

Facts How to Make a Fake Fireplace

How to Make a Fake Christmas Fireplace
How to Make a Fake Fireplace for ChristmasHow to Make a Fake Christmas FireplaceHow to Make a Fake Fireplace Look RealHow to Make a Fake Fireplace out of a Bookshelf

If you’re on a budget, but still want to have a fireplace in your house, I’d recommend you to learn how to make a fake fireplace. It will look exactly like a real one, it can add a magnificent touch to your home decor and make it unique, but it won’t cost you a fortune. And, even if you tell anybody, they won’t believe, that you created your fireplace yourself. Let’s see, how to make […]

What You Should Know about White Brick Fireplace

Brick Fireplace White Mantle
White Wash Brick FireplaceWhite Painted Brick Fireplace ImagesWhite Washed Brick FireplacePaint Brick Fireplace White

If you desperately want to make a change in your home decor, but you can’t decide on where to start, why don’t you add white brick fireplace to your interior? Repainting your fireplace using different shades of white is the best choice you can make if you haven’t chosen the style of the room yet or if you’re not going to give a full makeover to it, but just bring a bright light touch to […]

Whitewash Brick Fireplace for You

How to Whitewash Brick Fireplace
How to Whitewash Red Brick FireplaceHow to Whitewash Brick FireplaceWhitewash Brick Fireplace with LimeWhitewash Brick Fireplace Before and After

Modern shabby chic styles, country style and classical decor of a loft have something in common — whitewash brick fireplace. But, honestly, it’s such a universal design of this important and comfort-creating part of the room, that it will suit pretty much any house and interior, no matter what colors are used in it or what kind of furniture is put in. It will complement any look of the room with a bit of a […]

Diy Faux Fireplace Ideas

DIY Faux Fireplace
DIV Fake Fireplace FireEasy DIY Faux FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Mantel ShelfDIY Faux Fireplace Mantel

Have you considered installing a DIY faux fireplace into your living room? If you have not considered this possibility already, then it is about time that you should. Especially if you are thinking of remodeling your home and have no idea what to do, this is a pretty good solution for that. Even though fireplaces do not get used as often as they were before, fireplaces are back to make a lasting impression on your […]

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