Which of the Slate Fireplace Hearth is better for you?

Fireplace Hearth Stone Slate
Slate Fireplace Hearth StoneSlate for Fireplace HearthBlack Slate Fireplace HearthSlate Tiles for Fireplace Hearth

The beautiful slate fireplace hearth is a type of fireplace surround made from a specific kind of stone. When it comes down to choosing a material for your fireplace hearth, few options can top  […]

Slate Fireplace Surround and Its Negative Sides

Slate Fireplace Surround Ideas
Slate Fireplace SurroundBlack Slate Fireplace SurroundStacked Slate Fireplace SurroundSlate Fireplace Surround and Hearth

The focal point in a home that brings beauty and charm is undoubtedly your fireplace, a slate fireplace surround is a front piece of a fireplace made up of usually pieces of slate or […]

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