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Fire pit liner is, without a doubt, the best protective cover for fire pits. It prevents the heat to damage everything touching the fire pits. They are made keeping in mind the shape and size of the fire pit. Apart from providing protection, they are also good for decorative purposes. They ensure that the heat moves on the upward direction. In this way, they have become almost mandatory with fire pits. Steel fire pit liner is a good choice as the heat repulses from it and doesn’t pass the layer. There are basically two types of liners available on the market namely: steel and rock liners. However, metal and steel are more or less the same things with same functionality. On the other hand, rock liners are not that effective when it comes to protection. They are quite easily available on the market but can also be built at home without any difficulty whatsoever. You even don’t need anything expensive to make it.

The steel liner is most frequently used among metal fire pit liner. Steel is a strong material and is cheaper than other options. For this reason, it is used on a large scale as a liner of fire pits. Making a liner at home is lot more less hassle than buying one from the market. One can easily build liners with basic materials available at home. Home-made liners can be better than the market ones if they are made properly. Fire pit liner square is specially designed for square fire pits. They are generally black in color so as to control the heat. The liner is generally sandwiched between the fire pit and the floor surface and acts as a kind of wall. The fun can be taken into another level and an accident can be avoided by the usage of a liner.

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