What Are the Pros And Cons of DIY Backyard Fire Pit?

Build a DIY Backyard Fire Pit

One can easily make a DIY backyard fire pit by following some simple steps. It is always a better idea to save some money and built a fire pit yourself at home. You are going to need some basic materials to do that. Home-made fire pits are cheaper and last longer if made with the right material. On top of all that, there is a satisfaction of having a fire pit exactly how you want it. You are going to need some bricks, trowel, stake, measurement tape, cement, gravel and paint. The foremost thing to do here is to plan the design of your fire pit. It would be wise to ponder over these questions before making the final decision about diy outdoor fire pit: What should be the size: round, rectangle or square? How big a fire pit you want and will need? Along with that, make sure that you know the local code so that the authorities won’t mind later on.

Laying the foundation of the fire pit is the first step here. For this, dig a circular hole equal to the circumference of the fire pit you are planning to make. Do the same if you want in a square or rectangular shape.  As stated before, diy backyard fire pit designs must be planned at an initial stage. Next, mark the line inside the circle by making a margin so as to make a concentric circle. This is done to add the bricks later on. Make the boundary by using bricks. Use cement to hold them together. Here, it is important to water this construction for a few days, so it will gain sufficient strength. Paint the outer wall and give other finishing touches to the fire pit. Prepare a surface where you can lay down the woods. Using all these simple procedures, you can have a fire pit of your own!

Backyard Fire Pit DIY

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