Limestone Fireplace Surround and Its Considerations

Limestone Fireplace Surrounds for Wood Burners

Limestone fireplace surround is that kind of thing, that suits pretty much any type of interior design, complements it perfectly, creating neat and rustic effects at the same time.  It may be made of a natural limestone or of tiles, that imitate it. No matter what, such a surround will become a pleasant and attracting attention piece of the interior design of your house. Using limestone in different décor ideas, it’s possible to achieve results that vary from quite a country look to a really antique and medieval one.  Besides, the color of limestone allows it to be added into any room with any color pattern, but it will look especially look as an addition to a lighter room, becoming its accent part. Anyway, you may paint limestone or whitewash it, so if you find yourself bored with its grey cream color or if it doesn’t suit your remodeled room any more, you may just change it.

The more classical, neutral and chic you want your fireplace to look, the more you should understand, that building marble and limestone fireplace surrounds around fireplaces is the perfect and a win-win way to do it. The most common misconception is, that it’s only right to create marble or limestone fireplace surrounds for wood burners. I’m glad to tell you, that if you attach your fireplace to the wall or create around it sort of a surface to attach marble or limestone to (in case your fireplace is in the middle of the room), then you may definitely go for it, design the look of the future surround or ask a professional to do it, and start constructing it. The process won’t take you too long, but the final result will look marvelous and will last you a lifetime, looking as good as new even after several decades.

How to Clean Limestone Fireplace Surround

The only problem is how to clean a limestone fireplace surround. The marble one is easier: you just wipe it, using your regular cleaning supplies. But you don’t want to do that with your limestone one, as different chemicals may leave dark patches on it, abrasive cleaners will ruin the surface. But if you’ve noticed some marks on the fireplace, just grab a soft cotton cloth, wet it until slightly damp, put some liquid soap on your cloth and start cleaning. Don’t wipe the limestone too rough, but do it in circular movements.

9 Photos of the Limestone Fireplace Surround and Its Considerations

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