Which of the Slate Fireplace Hearth is better for you?

Slate Fireplace Hearth Stone

The beautiful slate fireplace hearth is a type of fireplace surround made from a specific kind of stone. When it comes down to choosing a material for your fireplace hearth, few options can top  using slate for fireplace hearth, this is because of its heat-resistant stone that comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing for different slate fireplace hearth design possibilities which can be found to match any home decor. Using a slate fireplace hearth has so many benefits like its versatility in color and appearance, its natural resistance to fire, and the ease with which it can be cleaned also slate fireplace hearths are relatively affordable and can be installed by the homeowner or a professional contractor. However its disadvantages are the difficulties it presents during the installation process.

The Installation of a slate fireplace hearth can be slightly more challenging than creating a traditional stone hearth using bricks or tile, this is because slate stones are not always uniform in length and width, and must occasionally be cut to fit into the desired space. If you prefer a polished, modern look, slate fireplace hearth tiles is an ideal option for your fireplace hearth.

Slate Slab for Fireplace Hearth

Despite the challenges during installation, a fireplace hearth creates a beautiful and rustic look. Slate is available in a variety of colors so also is painting a slate fireplace hearth possible which can be painted to match virtually any home decor.  Most often black color is used to create a black slate fireplace hearth which is found in most homes. The slate material is also very heat-tolerant and provides a sufficient barrier between the fire and other building materials used in the area. It is resistant to any bacterial growth, typically easy to clean and provides a long lasting fireplace hearth for many years.

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