Factors to Consider in Fake Fireplace Mantel

Fake Fireplace Mantel for Christmas

If you want to remodel a fireplace in the house, but you don’t have much money to spend on it, then let’s have a look and learn how to create your own fake fireplace mantel. It’s not too difficult, you may use different materials and the most common tools, found in pretty much every household. You’ll enjoy this creative process yourself and, if you have kids, they may help as well.

Let’s consider our options. For the first DIY fake fireplace mantel project, you should use the MDF, which is quite inexpensive and often comes already prepared for various types of crafts, so it may have different finishes, colors and even patterns of reliefs on it. So, measure the length and possible width of the future mantel Then, search for some fake fireplace mantel ideas and choose one according to your preference, or you may also come up with your own project. Get as much MDF as you need. If I’m not mistaken, you may even ask the shop workers to cut it into the necessary pieces. Decide, if you’re going to paint your MDF or attach some accessories for detailing, and get those things. Instead of MDF you may use foamed plastic tiles or even cardboard. Don’t forget about glue or nails, depending on what you’ve decided to use to secure the pieces of the future mantel.

Fake Fireplace Mantel for Christmas

When you have all of your materials and plans, your project turns kind of into building Lego. When you got that ready, add some decorations and nail your mantel to the wall around the fireplace.

Another way of how to make a fake fireplace mantel, is to get simple wooden planks of different length: shorter ones for the sides of fireplace and longer ones, that will go on its top. Then, you may varnish the planks or leave them as they are. After that, start securing them in place around and above your fireplace in shape of a mantel. Add some other wooden accessories, and you’re done! It was easy, wasn’t it?

Such mantels will suit pretty much any fireplace, especially electric one, but if you have a brick fireplace, just make sure, that fire won’t reach it.

How to Build a Fake Fireplace Mantel

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